Letter from the Chairperson

 It is my pleasure to welcome you on behalf of the Samsung Dream Scholarship Foundation. The Samsung Dream Scholarship Foundation was established in 2006 with funds from Samsung to support children and teenagers from underprivileged backgrounds. It has granted scholarships to disadvantaged students and has provided a strong educational security net to help them grow into global leaders. Their dreams and hopes have been supported with substantive aids from the Foundation.

 The Samsung Dream Scholarship Foundation seeks to narrow the education gaps between individuals, regions, and social backgrounds. Moreover, it also leads educational welfare scholarship work by diversifying its business through continuous improvement.

 The Foundation promises to fulfill its mission “to increase the education opportunities for the educationally disadvantaged and to create welfare friendly environments.” Furthermore, as the nation’s largest private Foundation, I believe that it has a great responsibility to reduce educational polarization to initiate an integrated social evolution.

 It is my sincere wish to see disadvantaged children overcome hardship and adversity, and achieve their dreams in a better environment. In this regard, another mission of the Foundation is to breed leaders with an upright character and great presence. I feel a serious sense of duty as a chairperson of the foundation, and, it is my privilege to provide real support for children’s future and hope.
Best regards.

Samsung Dream Scholarship Foundation
Song, Suk ku