Global Hope Scholarship-Scholar's Story(Kent Kamasumba) 2011-04-19

Kent Kamasumba, a Young and Passionate Zambian Teaches English in a Learning Center

Volunteer Scholarship Program at ‘School of Children with Dreams’


 “Zambia, the country I was born in, is still a poor country where the majority of citizens are living in abject poverty. I hope my country could become a wealthy and healthy country like Korea,”


- Kent Kamasumba (Seoul National University Freshman, 2010 Global Hope Scholarship Student


 We met Kent Kamasumba (Seoul National University Agriculture Economics and Rural Development, Freshman), a Zambian young man, who has two years and six months of Korean experience and speaks fluent Korean, at the School of Children with Dreams. A Global Hope Scholarship Student of Samsung Dream Scholarship Foundation as well as a Volunteer Scholarship student, Kent was sharing his talents with children by teaching them English during the winter vacation.


An African Youth Who will Brighten the Future of Zambia


Two years ago, Kent flew for 24 hours to Korea to pursue his dream. Unlike his relatively little built and childlike looks, he has a big hope when he decided to come to Korea: to make his developing country into a prosperous. With this clear goal in mind, he made valuable relationships with numerous people and studied hard.


Kent’s hometown is located in the hinterland 200km away from Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia. Despite his impoverished background, Kent expressed outstanding performances in a tent class of 2,000 students. He came to Korea with the help of a Korean missionary and continued his studies at Jirisan High School in Korea, and later he got admitted into Seoul National University Agricultural Economics and Rural Development Department with a large public attention.


After arriving in Korea, Kent has learned various things through his valuable encounter with Korean culture and society in a number of aspects, from the countryside of Gyeongnam Sancheong, to the capital city of Seoul. Nonetheless, he was faced with a financial difficulty after entering university, as he could not receive full scholarship for dormitory. Since he got admitted into the college as a scholarship student, he was able to cover the tuition fee, but not so with living expenses such as dormitory, textbook and food. He was in a desperate situation and it was difficult for him to ask for assistance from his mother and sister back home. What helped Kent solve his problem at that time was the Global Hope Scholarship from SDSF. Global Hope Scholarship is a scholarship program aimed to support university students who come to Korea to study from developing countries.


Kent said, “To me, Korea is a country that gives me dream and hope and SDSF plays a role of realizing my hope and dream. I am very grateful for them and if only I did not know about SDSF I would have been in a very difficult condition. I always feel thankful to them.”


A Volunteer Scholarship Student Who Shares What He Received


As a member of the 6th Volunteer Scholarship Program, a program managed by SDSF, Kent has taught English to children at School of Children with Dreams under Principal Hyun-sook Lee. This is because he wanted to deliver hope to students who are in difficult financial conditions like him, and to share the talents he has.

School of Children with Dreams was established as an alternative school ten years ago by teachers who managed Nambu Evening Class in Silimdong Nangok. “Kent is more like an elder brother than a teacher. And he speaks English very well and teaches very well, because I’m not really good at English,” said a girl who was following Kent all the time and asking questions. As nearly forty students were moving from classes to classes and making somewhat boisterous atmosphere, Kent looked joyful interacting with his students. We were curious about why Kent became a Volunteer Scholarship student since he must have been already preoccupied with his academics in the prestigious Seoul National University. “I had difficulties making relationships with others as I had to compete with them at school. I rather wanted to have time to be with other people and to introduce Africa to the Korean people. That is why I started this program. Although it has not been long since I first joined, I am very much satisfied and putting my efforts into it,” Kent answered.


Wishing to Support His Home Country by Taking Part in an International Ground


Although Kent has learned Korean in a relatively short time, he sometimes has difficult situations because of the language and cultural barriers he faces on daily basis. Sharing his experience, Kent said that he once caused misunderstandings for not being aware of the difference between honorific and casual forms of language and another time he was scolded for entering into a room with his shoes on.


Asked what his most impressive experience was, Kent mentioned the Global Hope Scholarship Student Camp held by SDSF. He found the Camp meaningful as he could share with other international students the difficulties and lonely feelings that he feels sometimes as a student studying abroad. “The camp was a fresh experience to me. Zambia is not adjacent to any seas and the sea that I saw in Geoje Island was so beautiful. Also I could make many international friends and it was great to talk with them about how to adapt to and live among the Korean society,” said Kent.

Kent is currently majoring in Agricultural Economics. His motivation to take this discipline as his major is his belief that the future of Zambia lies in agricultural revolution. Kent wishes to go on to a graduate school in Korea, meet various people to accumulate experience, and help the people in his home country after expanding his horizons to the international level such as the United Nations or UNESCO. Kent is passionate to initiate projects to make Zambian people prosperous like Koreans in the future.