Global Hope Scholarship-2010 End-of-the-year Gathering 2011-04-19

Laying the Foundation for Becoming Global Leaders in the Future

2010 Global Hope Scholarship Student End-of-the-year Gathering


 “Respected mentors and global scholarship students, I hope you have a warm and happy winter,”


Holding the End-of-the-year Gathering in an Stormy Weather


On December 23rd , 2010 at 5pm, before Christmas, an end-of-the-year gathering took place at Samsung Dream Scholarship Foundation Center with Global Hope Scholarship students from developing countries. Although the freezing weather made the city very quiet?unlike what is expected from a Christmas season?the gathering was filled with the enthusiasm of the Global Hope Scholarship students who had been keeping up their good work for the past year. The 34 students from fifteen different countries, from Zambia to China, had a meaningful time in sharing various stories ranging from their achievements, difficulties, and their future plans.

In the first part of the event, scholarship students and mentors sat in a circle and had conversations in order to reflect upon the past year. Divided into seven groups, they talked about how the scholarship students felt about the past year, how they made plans, and how they took actions in their academic life and Korean culture learning-process. By writing their opinion and what they had felt on pieces of paper for each group, the participants made presentations and shared what had been written with one another. Through this activity, the students could form a certain sense of commonalities with others.


Korean Friends and Culture are Enjoyable, but the Language is Hard


In general the scholarship students felt a sense of achievement for making a number of friends and getting a better knowledge of Korea. In addition, they expressed their willingness to work harder in Korean language since they have found the learning process more difficult than they expected.

Dusejunyoung (Vietnamese, KyungHee University International Trade, Junior) mentioned how he has completed his major courses and how he is glad to make a lot of Korean friends, whereas another student, Victor (Mexican, Handong University Mechanical Engineering, Freshman), said that he has worked harder in learning Korean after receiving the scholarship and that he felt a sense of achievement for meeting new Korean and foreign friends. Others were also glad to achieve something in Korea: Kent Kammasumba (Zambia, Seoul National University Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Freshman) and Gongsoi (China, Ewha Woman’s University Korean Language and Literature, Junior) met new Korean friends, Alicia (Paraguay, Seoul National University Department of Education, Junior) served as a leader in a student club, and Alvaro (Colombia, Hanyang University International Studies, Junior) as well as Yanjinlkham (Mongolia, Korea University Korean Language and Literature, Sophomore) have received higher grades by studying hard. Examinations and academics would have worried any student in the world. As such, Dusejunyoung too expressed that he has had difficulties in the examinations and the pressure from studying overnight whereas Victor, Yu Irina (Russia, Korea University English Language and Literature Department, Junior), Alvaro, and some other students mentioned that learning Korean is still difficult although they affirmed their desire to put more efforts into it.

Mr. Byung-hyuk Lim who attended the event as a mentor said that he feels it meaningful to be a mentor when his mentees talk about their overall satisfaction or how much they have the sense of achievements. Mr. Lim wants the mentees to be open and to come and talk to him whenever they have difficulties. Ms. Young-hee Roh said she is very happy about her mentee’s improvements in Korean.


Sharing Ideas and Encouraging Each Other


Having lived in a country of which the language was not familiar and gathering under the name of the foundation Global Hope Scholarship, the students shared their stories and accordingly the mood turned from tense and awkward into a vigorous and warm one.

At the end of the first part, Alicia read out loud a letter of appreciation for her mentor. The mentor who was not expecting the letter was touched and her eyes were tearful as she gently folded and embraced the letter from her mentee. In the second part of the event, people had the chance to know each other better by having a meal together that began with the toast from the chairperson of the board, Byungdu Sohn, who said, “Let’s add our joy together, forget sadness, multiply our hope and share our love!” Kent Kammasumba received a huge applause for singing “You raise me up” and “죽어도 보내” by 2AM, followed by Oh Irina and Yu Irina from Korea Univeristy who sang “A Million Roses” in Russian and made a deep impression on the audience. The event closed with students taking turns to share their wishes for the year 2011.

Global Hope Scholarship students were very much comforted and content after commending and encouraging one another, thinking about ambitious goals in the future, and reflecting and pondering upon community and leadership duties they aspire to fulfill at the End-of-the-year gathering. The event held on that day will be the foundation for their future global networking and the seed for them to become future global leaders.